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Training Options

Training Options

Dependant on what you want from a career in law, there are a range of CILEx courses leading to nationally recognised qualifications. It is important that you know what your ambitions are before you embark on any course, so that you are sure you get the most value out of your studies.

The following table shows you the range of legal career options you can pursue by gaining CILEx qualifications, and what the jobs would entail:

  Paralegal Chartered Legal Executive

Chartered Legal Executive Advocate

Legal Research yes yes yes
Fee Earner no yes yes
Specialist Legal Knowledge no yes yes
Take Initial Instructions no yes yes
Offer Legal Advice no yes yes
Instruct Counsel no yes yes
Rights of Audience no yes yes
Higher Rights no no yes*
Sign Cheques no yes* yes*
Partnership no yes* yes*
Set up in Practice no yes* yes*

* Subject to completion of appropriate training or other regulation.

Legal Secretary & Paralegal training

If being a legal secretary, paralegal or a member of the legal support team is your preferred choice we offer a range of courses.

Chartered Legal Executive training

For those who want to qualify as a Chartered Legal Executive lawyer there are two stages of training as shown in the chart to the right.

First you will need to study the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice (equivalent to A Level).

You will then need to complete the  CILEx Level 6 Professional Higher Diploma in Law and Practice

 (set and assessed at honours degree level).  

This will need to be followed by one further year of qualifying employment before you can fully qualify as a Chartered Legal Executive, assuming that you already undertook two years of qualifying employment alongside your studies. 

Further information

Read more about the stages of training required to become a fully qualified Chartered Legal Executive. Alternatively, to receive a prospectus or join our email list, please contact us.