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Career Prospects

Career Prospects

Being a fully qualified Chartered Legal Executive lawyer is an excellent career choice. Professional responsibilities increase with experience and practising Fellows of CILEx are likely to become one of the main points of contact for clients seeking professional advice on legal matters.

There are opportunities for Chartered Legal Executives to run their own departments, manage other executives, administrative staff and junior solicitors.

It may be possible to become an associate in a law firm and Chartered Legal Executives may go on to become advocates. Qualified Chartered Legal Executive lawyers can also continue their studies to qualify as solicitors and the CILEx training route may be used as entry to the final stages of the qualification scheme for a solicitor.

The 'glass ceiling' that prevented chartered legal executive lawyers from becoming District Judges, Deputy District Judges and Tribunal Chairmen was shattered some 10 years ago when the Tribunal Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 came into force. Part II of the Act aims to open up the eligibility and application criteria for the judiciary to a wider pool of talented lawyers.

The broader pool of applicants now eligible to apply for judical appointments will help to reduce the perceived exclusivity attributed to judicial appointments, and will help to build public confidence that judicial panels understand and are representative of today's society.

CILEx members are now eligible to apply for a range of judicial posts, and we fully support the Government's strategic goal of ensuring greater diversity within the judiciary so that it better reflects the diverse nature of the society it serves.

We have campaigned vigorously for our members to compete on an equal footing alongside others and to be considered on merit for appointment to these important positions and have recently developed the CILEx Judicial Development Programme

which is designed to support and train our members in preparation for judicial appointment. 

Under the Legal Services Act 2007, Chartered Legal Executive lawyers can become partners in law firms alongside solicitors, barristers, conveyancers and patent attorneys.

Note: The term lawyer is not technically limited to solicitors and barristers. It means someone qualified and experienced in the law. Increasingly references in legislation are to persons authorised to exercise legal rights under the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 and similarly under the Legal Services Act 2007. The Solicitors Regulatory Authority is amending its rules to recognise this and to equate the term 'lawyer' in its rules with those who are authorised persons under the new Act. This includes Legal Executives. The Act will enable Chartered Legal Executives to enter into partnership with solicitors, barristers, conveyancers and patent attorneys as authorised persons and is specific statutory recognition for the status of Chartered Legal Executives as lawyers.

If you would like more information about career options in law you may be interested in visiting the new Skills for Justice website.