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Using Social Media

Using Social Media


LinkedIn is an online network allowing you to network with people and organisations. It is a great way to make new contacts, keep in touch, reconnect with past contacts and build business.

The process of developing a LinkedIn profile will help you reflect on your career to date. But make sure that your CV, job applications, answers at job interview and your LinkedIn profile are consistent with each other.

Used correctly LinkedIn allows you to showcase your expertise, achievements and to develop your career and reputation. Add a photo, as your LinkedIn profile is more likely to be viewed if it has an accompanying photo of yourself. Remember to use a photo which reflects you as a professional (LinkedIn isn’t Facebook).

You can also use LinkedIn as a research tool, finding out about clients and organisations. This can be for current business dealings or for potential openings.

Bear in mind though that potential clients and organisations will also use the same approach to research into you – so keep your profile up-to-date.

A really useful part of LinkedIn is the Groups facility. By joining specific groups you can extend your professional network as well as discussing ideas, sharing good practice and keeping up with industry developments.

For further information on using LinkedIn see Guardian Careers.


Keeping up-to-date of the latest developments and trends is vital in today’s every changing world. Twitter is a great way to keep track of news and developments. Companies, Government bodies and organisations use Twitter to inform and alert people of key policy developments.

Use Twitter as part of your research into an employer, to see what they are tweeting about. Some employers use Twitter as a recruitment tool.

You can also use Twit Job Search to job hunt 

For further information on Twitter

A couple of points of caution

Twitter and LinkedIn are in the public domain (and content can remain so for many years).

Don’t view LinkedIn or Twitter as an alternative to Facebook. LinkedIn represents you professionally, so make sure it reflects how you want to be seen as a professional to employers, clients and other organisations.

It is worth bearing in mind the CILEx code of conduct when engaging in activities online.

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