Getting a Legal Sector Job

Getting a Legal Sector Job

This section is aimed at people who have no experience of working in law and are trying to get some experience and /or get on the first rung of the ladder. This includes:

  • Work shadowing
  • Work experience
  • Vacation work
  • First level employment of a clerical / admin nature



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Job search

Approaches to the way people find work has changed significantly. It is worth spending a bit of time going through some of the articles and discussions on a website such as Guardian Careers, Monster, Jobsite and

Guardian Careers have Careers Uncovered – a useful e book (download as a pdf) on CVs, new approaches etc. You do have to sign up to get a copy but it is free and will aid your thinking on your approach to the job market.

Paralegal job titles

When you are looking for paralegal openings, you will find a range of job titles are used and there is no standard term for someone training to be a Chartered Legal Executive. For example conveyancing assistant, legal clerk, legal administrator, claims handler, litigation assistant. So don’t limit your search to jobs for trainee legal executives because very few organisations advertise using that job title.


It sometimes can help to get your foot in the door with an employer if you have a clear idea of how you are going to fund your CILEx qualifications. Different funding is available in England and Wales. For further details click here.