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What our students say about the CILEx route

"I left college with no idea I wanted to work in law, didn't go to University, and I'm now 25 and about to finish my level 3 studies, and am working as a legal assistant / paralegal in industrial disease.

CILEx had a huge impact on my life. I worked in Insurance after leaving college because I had no idea what to do career wise. I lived and worked in New Zealand for a year and when I returned I applied for an administration role at Thomas Eggar. During my role as administration assistant I learned more about the processes and the law itself, and also learned about the CILEx qualifications.

Since I made the decision to start studying via CILEx Law School, my employers realized that I was willing to put in the hard work and that I had career aspirations and promoted me to Legal Assistant. I now run my own case load alongside studying. As well as giving me motivation to study more and work harder to get good results, it's also provided me with a clear career path with 50 many options of where and how I can put my legal knowledge to use in my job."

Nicola Causey, Thomas Eggar LLP

"I am aged 25 and began the CILEx qualification when I was aged 19 after having completed my A-levels at school. I am now an Associate member of CILEx having fully completed my Level 3 exams and I am in a full-time paralegal role, which I have occupied for six and a half years."

Sammy Halil

"I have found my CILEx studying to be of great benefit. I am very proud of having worked my way up from an office junior from 18 to now being a practising Associate of the Chartered Institute and a fee earner at the top commercial firm in our region. Due to the wealth of experience I have gained in the last ten years, I have dealt with a vast array of practical situations, for example attending courts with counsel, dealing with difficult clients and even the basic workings of a law firm, which most LPC graduates just do not have. Recently our firm has not been able to offer jobs to two of the three trainees who have come to the end of their training contract, and I have felt extremely grateful that I have the CILEx qualification and a fee earning role as a result of it. CILEx is incredibly hard work, especially through CILEx Law School, but I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is considering their career options."


"CILEx is the best way to work and study at the same time. Without it I doubt that I would have been able to qualify as a lawyer."


"The ability to earn as you learn, to spread the cost over the years and to avoid high LPC fees is a huge selling point."


"Employers are usually very supportive and pay for or help with tuition fees and membership costs. All firms these days should recognise the importance of having experienced Chartered Legal Executives in their employ."


"My employers first made me aware of CILEx and encouraged me to consider getting qualified following personal assessments at work. My employers recommended CILEx. I am looking forward to achieving full qualification."


"My employer is very positive about the CILEx qualification. This is especially because in my case it allows me to gain legal qualifications whilst using my pre-existing skills from my previous career."