Case Studies

Case Studies

Law Graduate Case Studies

Dayne Daisy
Technical Claims Supervisor
DAC Beachcroft LLP

Daisy DayneCILEx has given me a secure route to qualify as a lawyer without having to worry about the potential of never obtaining a training contact. This route has benefited me financially as my employer, DAC Beachcroft, has paid for my GFTD; therefore I have avoided the costs of the LPC.

CILEx has meant that I have been able to develop further in my legal career in terms of management, legal skills and experience. I started at my current firm as a Paralegal in April 2013 and since then I have been promoted twice within 12 months from Paralegal to Senior Paralegal and then to my current role of Technical Claims Supervisor. I now aim to become a CILEx Litigator and a Chartered Legal Executive Advocate.

In my role I coordinate a team of paralegals, both junior and senior, through providing technical supervision in respect of all aspects of employers' liability claims from inception to conclusion. I handle my own caseload of more complex claims for nominated clients from inception to repudiation or settlement of damages and costs.

I hope my career path with CILEx will inspire others to consider alternative routes into the legal profession .I recently signed up to Inspiring the Future, a scheme which connects teachers with volunteers to provide young people with first-hand career insights. I have recently been invited back to the college where I started my legal education to give a speech to my former tutors and current Further and Higher Education students on my career to date, with particular emphasis put on the CILEx route to qualification as a lawyer.

Lauren Dutton
Litigation Executive
Slater and Gordon (UK) LLP

Lauren DuttonAfter successfully obtaining my Law Degree at the University of Liverpool I began working at a law firm immediately. Graduating from University can be a daunting experience being surrounded by thousands of other graduates in the same predicament as you with only limited vacancies in firms and training contracts available in such a fiercely competitive industry.

I have always had a passion and keen interest in pursuing a career in law but had my reservations regarding funding and the possibility of never obtaining a training contract. The CILEx Graduate Fast-track route has enabled me to pursue my career with flexibility by way of funding but more importantly I have been able to study and earn simultaneously. In my role I manage my own caseload of clinical negligence matters and assist my supervisors on more much more complex and higher value cases.

It is important to educate individuals that the traditional route to becoming qualified is not the only route. It is satisfying to know that the legal industry is now recognising Chartered Legal Executives as equals rather than a ‘third branch’ to becoming qualified. It is rewarding to know that you are valuable to your firm just as a solicitor both professionally and financially.

Advice I would give to anyone would be to do it. If I was more educated about CILEx following completing college and my A-levels I would not have gone to University and instead chose the CILEx Level 3 route and worked my way up.